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IFC E-Beam (Interference Fit Construction Electronic-Beam) Welded Pedestal Assembly

Heated chucks and shafted pedestal heaters are used in critical in-situ wafer processing applications where proximity to the wafer requires precise thermal, electrical, metallurgical and mechanical specifications. CAS has developed several innovative solutions that address specific application requirements from CVD to wafer probing.

Combining dissimilar metals by advanced machining and welding processes is a demonstration of CAS's innovative culture. A specific example of this process is an aluminum pedestal heather with a stainless steel shaft. The stainless steel material reduces the thermal losses through the shaft and results in precision perpendicularity with a superior vacuum seal. The shaft provides an ideal way to get the lead wires out of the process chamber. the heated pedestal achieves excellent temperature uniformity and is delivered with semiconductor-grade cleaning and packaging.


  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
  • Dry etch
  • Ashers
  • Photolithography track
  • Wafer probers

IFC E-Beam (Interference Fit Construction Electronic-Beam) Welded Pedestal Assembly

IFC construction is ideal for high temperature and corrosive vacuum environments. CAS's IFC manufacturing process secures tubular heater elements and optional cooling tubes into the substrate material without the use of a secondary vacuum brazing operation. The assembly is subsequently electron beam welded for vacuum service, including shafts, flanges or other customer fittings. IFC heater assemblies are ideal for PECVD applications, delivering excellent temperature uniformity performance in a demanding process environment.


  • Performance to 700°C (1292°F)
  • Materials
    • Inconel©
    • 304 and 316 Stainless Steel
    • Nickel
  • Tubular heater element and optional heat/cool tube
  • Perpendicularity to better than 0.1 mm
  • Flatness to 0.005 mm on 300 mm wafer chuck

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