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High Quality Circulation Heater Offers Reliable Indirect Heating in a Small Package Delivered Quickly

The CAST-X 3000 circulation heater from CAS offers high wattage and long tubing allowing high flow volume at required temperatures through a single compact unit. The CAST-X 3000 heater consists of two helical coiled tubes and tubular elements cast into an aluminum body. The aluminum body serves as the heat transfer media between the tubular element and the process tubes. The compact size of the heater is due to the construction which allows long heater life due to the elements being in contact with aluminum and reduces the foot print required by traditional heat exchangers. Also, the use of heavy wall 316L seamless process tubing assures high reliability and high pressure operation.

The CAST-X 3000 is well suited to applications where indirect heating and fluid cleanliness is important. This is because the material being heated never comes in contact with the heating source. This is a critical performance requirement in many industries such as semiconductor, and food and beverage.

The CAST-X 3000 is configured and designed for rapid delivery. Because the lower level cast parts are in stock the typical delivery is 5-7 days on quantities less than 10 pieces. This is ideal for applications where lead time is critical.

Features and Benefits

Dual-tube construction

• Ensures water flow to 20 GPM when run in parallel
• Maintains accurate temperature control quicker when running one coil to heat and one to cool

Fluid path independent of heater sheath

• Allows sensitive materials to be heated safely
• Prevents fluid contamination

Robust cast-in aluminum construction

• Assures longer heater life
• Provides accurate temperature control

Integrated thermostat and housing

• Permits ease of installation and use
• Allows heater to run dry
• Provides protection in an explosion environment

Standard 316L stainless steel fluid path

• Allows compatibility with different materials
• Reliable in high pressure applications

Non-welded construction

• Offers economical package price
• Minimizes potential leakage
• Allows high-pressure operation
• Ensures self-draining when mounted vertically


• Water and oil heating for food and beverage
• Steam generation and superheating for process applications
• Glycol and oil heating for heat transfer systems
• Deionized water heating for sterilization in food and beverage
• Air, CO2 and Nitrogen heating
• Fuel and oil heating for test stands

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CAST-X 3000 circulation heater



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