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Integrated Thermal Solutions

CAS’s facility in Batavia, Illinois is a thermal solutions supplier specializing in the design and manufacturing of heated parts. Our facility offers many advantages including precision manufacturing equipment and processes, cleanroom assembly and a strong support structure while working with customers to minimize product development cycles.

Heated parts are designed to meet our customer’s mechanical, temperature and reliability requirements.We have complete design expertise and capabilities from finite element analysis (FEA), to CAD/CAM design and solid modeling.

Our manufacturing capabilities include precision machining tolerances for flatness and perpendicularity. Superb temperature uniformity is the result of the optimized heater layout and precision casting of each heater. Our facility is completely dedicated to the manufacturing of custom heated parts and boasts a modern and innovative aluminum foundry for producing porosity-free castings.

From the state-of-the-art CNC machines to a high-tech research lab,we have invested in the technology necessary to develop high quality, custom solutions.

CNC machine, X-ray validation, CMM dimensional validation, Class 10,000 cleanroom


Anatomy of a Heated Part

A heated part from CAS is available in three platforms: as a onepiece cast-in aluminum heater assembly, as an interference fit construction (IFC) or as a critical thermal subassembly. The heated part as a functional component of your equipment is designed in the exact shape and size you need. It may be coated, have a sensor and associated connections and be ready to be assembled into your equipment.


Cast-in heated part

Cast-in heated part

Auxiliary Power Unit Heater Assembly

IFC Heated Part

IFC Heated Part



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