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Expertise in thermal solutions for medical devices and analytical instruments has been a CAS hallmark for decades. As an extension of your business, CAS provides an engineering team dedicated to solving your application requirements. As your life science partner, CAS offers worldwide manufacturing and distribution, as well as superior application support.

Scientific discoveries and new technologies play an incremental role in how the industry has changed and is changing for you and your instrumentation requirements. CAS understand the technology changes and is designing and manufacturing thermal solutions with industry requirements in mind. Because CAS designs and manufactures a wide range of thermal solutions specifically for the market, our expertise is always growing. By partnering with CAS, you can take advantage of a broad selection of thermal components designed to work together for optimal efficiency.

Cast-In Heaters

CAS's cast aluminum heater platform offers diversity in heated part shapes and functionality. Our ability to cast a part close to its near net shape minimizes the amount of machining and offers a lower cost solution in high volume applications. Cast-in heaters are used in many clinical diagnostic applications to heat body fluids to a stable, uniform temperature.

Cast-in HeatersOne of the key advantages of cast aluminum heaters is that it can deliver excellent temperature uniformity. Using FEA tools and precision positioned heaters, temperature uniformities of less than ± one percent of the operating temperature have been achieved. Cast aluminum heated parts can also be manufactured with cooling tubes for parts that need to be rapidly thermally cycled. The second advantage of cast-in heated parts is long life. Long life can be achieved when a heater is cast in because the aluminum transfers the heat away from the element helping to prevent overheating.

Cast aluminum heated parts can be precision machined with anodization, electroless nickel or Teflon® coatings. In addition, CAS can supply custom terminations and packaging to allow direct assembly into customer's equipment.

Features and Benefits

Integrated thermal assembly

  • Cable or tubular heater cast in to an aluminum assembly reduces part count.
  • Turnkey assembly with associated mechanical and electro-mechanical components reduce component count
  • Heat exchangers with heater transfer tubes

Superior temperature uniformity

  • Homogenous assembly provides maximum heat transfer
  • FEA optimized heater layout

Precision heated part

  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining delivers a turnkey heated part to customer's specification
  • Uniform flatness specification across process temperature range
  • Assures part-to-part repeatability


Product Solutions in the Medical Market

Custom Circulation Heaters Diagnostic equipment, blood analyzer, DNA analyzer, drug testing equipment
Custom Cast-in Research and experimentation equipment, custom geometry platens for heating and cooling

CAST-X Product Line

CAST-X 500

CAST-X 1000

CAST-X 2000

CAST-X 3000

CAST-X 4000

Diagnostic equipment, blood analyzer, DNA analyzer, drug testing equipment


Solving Customer Problems with CAS Product Solutions

Clinical Lab Equipment - Blood analyzer heater with complete wire harness Opportunity:
An OEM manufacturer of blood analyzing equipment required a method to heat and control the temperature of the regeants used in immunoassay analysis.
The customer’s initial design was an aluminum block assembly with coiled
tubing and bonded silicone rubber heaters. The design had several performance issues including contamination of the fluids, corrosion and leakage through the fluid path. In addition, the bonded heaters on the aluminum plates had poor heat transfer and resulted in unacceptable temperature control. The design required assembly and purchase of numerous parts, which resulted in additional cost and effort for the customer.
CAS converted the design to a one-piece, cast-in aluminum construction utilizing tubular elements and special passivated stainless steel tubing.CAS’s design significantly improved the heat transfer performance, as well as eliminated the corrosion and leakage problems. CAS also provided sensors, switches, a wiring harness and electrical enclosure, delivering a ready to use product. The value-added assembly eliminated the need for the customer to install and purchase 17 separate parts, thus reducing their overall cost.

Clinical Lab Equipment - DNA analysis machine Opportunity:
A manufacturer of DNA diagnostic test instrumentation needed to accurately control the temperature of a DNA sample. The sample was being held between two glass plates while an electrical charge was applied to the sample.
The customer had problems maintaining temperature uniformity of the test sample and the flatness of the plate. In addition, high dielectric isolation was needed to protect the user of the equipment from the charge being applied to the sample.
CAS designed a turnkey cast aluminum chill plate with a cooling
tube through which a glycol solution was circulated. The use of a cast
aluminum part with a custom tube layout ensured accurate temperature uniformity across the chill plate. A special filled epoxy coating was used to provide high isolation of the cast aluminum plate to ensure user safety. In addition, all fittings, handles, warning labels and connecting tubes were supplied so that the part was ready for assembly in the customer’s equipment. The part was shipped with custom packaging and labeling.

Clinical Lab Equipment - Blood analysis instrumentation

A leading manufacturer of blood analysis instrumentation needed a heated part to preheat blood samples prior to analysis.
The customer initially designed a heated part using a machined block with a silicone rubber heater glued to the bottom of the part. They were unable to get the desired temperature uniformity along the length of the test tube. Also, the part was difficult to clean because the heater was bonded to the bottom.
CAS designed a cast-in heated part with a precision formed tubular heater that was positioned in the heated part to produce the desired temperature uniformity. The part was coated with electroless nickel to improve wear resistance and to enhance the ability to clean.



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