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Pure Aluminum Heated Part

Pure Aluminum Heated Parts Reduce Silicon and Heavy Metal Contamination and Offer Increased Operating Temperatures

The need for maintaining an ultra pure environment has lead to the development of pure aluminum cast-in heated parts. CAS now has the capability to cast complex heated shapes in 99.7 percent pure aluminum that limits process contamination and offers increased operating temperatures up to 450°C (842°F).

Pure aluminum cast-in heated parts provide higher maximum operating temperatures over the more typical aluminum casting alloys. This equates to a 25 percent increase in process temperatures, resulting in an additional 90-130°C operating range. Thermal conductivity is also improved more than A356 alloy.

Designed and engineered to customer specifications, CAS’s low-pressure casting technique and CNC machining ensure consistent quality heated parts. Many types of tubing can be cast-in to produce a circulation heater or add cooling capability for heat/cool applications. With a modern and innovative aluminum foundry on site, and over 75 years of experience in manufacturing heaters, CAS has refined the technique to allow pure aluminum alloys to be cast with the same precision as more typical aluminum alloys. CAS’s custom designs are backed by strong engineering support, expert heater knowledge, metallurgical expertise in foundry practice and precision machining using CAD/CAM/CAE and CNC manufacturing techniques.

Pure aluminum cast-in heated parts are produced at CAS’s ISO 9001 registered facility in Batavia, Illinois.


• Semiconductor processing
• Foodservice equipment
• Packaging equipment
• Life science/medical equipment

Features and Benefits

99.7% pure aluminum

• Reduced risk of process contamination
• Allows increased operating temperatures

Low porosity

• Longer heater life
• Improved temperature uniformity
• Fewer defects in machined surfaces

Excellent temperature uniformity

• Provides better process yields

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